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Celebrating North Worcestershire Calendar

Exciting and inspiring area for your business

2020 Celebrating North Worcestershire Calendar

We had twelve winning businesses which are showcased in our 2020 ‘Celebrating the Natural Environment for Business’ calendar which was produced by North Worcestershire Economic Development (NWedR) and NWBL (North Worcestershire Business Leaders).

The calendar, which was launched in Spring 2019, is a colourful result of the competition which businesses across North Worcestershire were chosen.

We had twelve winners selected and are now featuring in our new calendar which was launched at our first ever North Worcestershire Business Awards.

The featured businesses in the 2020 calendar are:

Opening Doors and Venues Limited, Ecl-ips, Invoco Telecom, Danton HR, NWBL, Strategic Professionals Ltd, Fresh Nous, Hogarth’s Stone Manor, Champion CCTV, Citrus Computing, Eureka Financial Solutions, Rotary Creative Group


The natural environment for business

The 2020 calendar

The celebrating North Worcestershire 2019 calendar competition saw some beautiful entries from across North Worcestershire. 

The calendar is available from for free.


3 women posing on a stage sat on a cabinet

Opening doors and Venues Limited

Having opened our first door here twenty years ago, North Worcestershire is unquestionably where our heart is! Working in a predominantly rural area enhances the wellbeing of our team and inspires us to grow, while recent improvements to road and rail enable crucial and easy country-wide access. #excitedaboutthefuture

Opening Doors and Venues : Exceeding Expectations in Conference and Event Mangagement

multiple images of several people flipping pancakes in various rooms


Imagine a place with great towns and countryside, allowing you to build a business, being able to network and share ideas. A place perfectly placed to reach everywhere…  Well imagination isn’t needed - we’re here right now, being enterprising, creative and most of all doing business in North Worcestershire.

Ecl-ips: Security System Suppliers

1 women with a fake green moustache holding an inflatable phones with the background image of st patricks da

Invoco Telecom

Not only does North Worcestershire have its own natural beauty, the network of businesses that are based here work together seamlessly, and their combined effort creates its own kind of beauty that is often hard to find. Invoco is extremely proud to be a part of the North Worcestershire.

Invoco Telecom: Telecommunications service provider

2 women sat with easter eggs and easter decorations

Danton HR

You can’t help but be excited by North Worcestershire - it’s got everything!  Excellent education, outstanding High Schools, a University generating a pipeline of talented, enquiring minds.  There’s nowhere better to be inspired and it’s no accident that successful businesses choose to make it their home - ideas and energy will flow!

Danton HR: Outsourced HR Specialists

1 lady hold a number 5 ballon in front of a collage of photos


North Worcestershire is dynamic, innovative and picturesque.

In 2017, it led the UK for productivity growth offering an ‘exceptional quality workforce and high levels of innovation’ – the ultimate environment to nurture businesses.

NWBL: Business and Leadership Network

lady stood in front of an exhibition stand

Strategic Professionals Ltd

The environment of North Worcestershire has helped shape both myself and my business. From the support and inspiration, I received whilst studying to the supportive networking, mentoring and expert advice I have since received has left me feeling privileged and proud to be part of such a collaborative community.

Strategic Professionals Ltd: Learning & Development Partners

multiple people with muliple animations

Fresh Nous

North Worcestershire is a spirited and diverse region where both rural and urban landscapes, industries and businesses thrive alongside each other.

From bedroom businesses to cutting edge innovators and global corporations North Worcestershire nurtures a growing and supportive business community that blossoms amongst the beauty and greenery of the countryside.

Fresh Nous: Full Service Marketing Agency

several people outside the hotel with bottles of wine holding in the air

Hogarths Stone Manor

“Hundreds of years, thousands of ideas, millions of people, excited and inspired to succeed, enrich themselves, and contribute to the community in North Worcestershire.  Crafts to technology, early years to apprenticeship, and tradition to ground-breaking discovery; opportunity and inspiration awaits to be taken and adopted.  Be part of the excitement.”

Hogarths Stone Manor: Hotel and Restaurant

smartphone with mutliple images from a CCTV camera on

Champion CCTV

Not only do we have a great support network for business with NWBL, being in the heart of the country allows easy access to do business with customers countrywide.  Being located in North Worcestershire, we’re surrounded by beautiful countryside and can be in the city in half an hour.

Champion CCTV: Design, supply, fitting and maintenance of security systems

5 people sat in front of logo celebrating 10 years with ballons and whistles

Citrus Computing

Where better for our business and our clients than North Worcestershire, it is the “Heart of England”  and “The Home of UK Manufacturing” mixed with beautiful countryside, fabulous scenery and with its great transport links to the rest of the country we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Citrus Computing: Computer consultancy and solutions

group of people in front of building with fireworks around them

Eureka Financial Solutions

We have been based in North Worcestershire since 2005 - why? Because it’s friendly and relaxed, it has good communication and transport links and the Business community want to work with each other. Nowhere else can compare! Eureka! We have found the ideal place- North Worcestershire the place to be...

Eureka Financial Solutions: Mortgage & Financial Advice provider

Group of people holdng various christmas decorations in front of a snowy woodland background

Rotary Creative Group

It’s believed you become, with who and where you choose to surround yourself.

The natural beauty and inspiring motivations within North Worcestershire undoubtedly energise and form a unique foundation to our creative industry. Stamping down our ink 50 years ago, we certainly intended to remain rooted within this remarkable area.

Rotary Creative Group: Design, Print, Websites & Promotional Gifts

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