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Celebrating North Worcestershire Calendar

Exciting and inspiring area for your business

2022 Celebrating North Worcestershire Calendar

We had twelve winning businesses which are showcased in our 2022 ‘Celebrating the Natural Environment for Business’ calendar which was produced by North Worcestershire Economic Development (NWedR) and NWBL (North Worcestershire Business Leaders).

The featured businesses in the 2022 calendar are:

Acorn Support, Jerroms Bromsgrove, Old Rectory House & The Orangery, Front Line Group, Danton HR, Hogarths Stone Manor, Meraki Promotions, NWedR, The Development Manager, Opening Doors & Venues Limited, NWBL, GT Access.

The natural environment for business

The 2022 calendar

The celebrating North Worcestershire 2022 calendar competition saw some beautiful entries from across North Worcestershire. 

The calendar is available from for free.


Three people stood outside by a tree

Acorn Support

We love working in North Worcestershire as business owners are receptive to learning and growing their knowledge to be the best that they can be. They are also keen to expand their network of like-minded people and recognise these connections to be invaluable to make business in the area flourish.

Acorn Support: Human Resource Consulting

T: 01562 881019

8 people holding litter pickers in the forest

Jerroms Bromsgrove

North Worcestershire offers a supportive business community and as a long-standing business in the area, we are delighted to be part of it. We’re looking forward to the year ahead, working closely with local businesses to support them in their plans to grow or adapt their business.

Jerroms Bromsgrove: Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

T: 01527 833124

Three people standing under a canopy in front of dinner tables, one of the three is holding a tray with wine bottles

Old Rectory House & The Orangery

The people of North Worcestershire have supported us throughout 2021 and since 2015, embracing our independent business.  The support for our local family-owned businesses has been incredible and we have thrived as a result. The team at Old Rectory House & The Orangery are hugely grateful and proud to call North Worcestershire and Redditch our home.

Old Rectory House & The Orangery: Wedding venue, restaurant and cocktail lounge


6 images of workers cleaning workspaces

Front Line Group

There are so many opportunities! There is a wide range and diversity of businesses that can be served by Frontline Cleaning. The people are approachable and so many business owners want to help and support each other.

Front Line Cleaning: Domestic and commercial cleaning company

T: 01299 489951


Two people sat at office desks using loud speakers to say "May Day"

Danton HR

The inspiration comes from the success stories of the past, the present and those yet to come. An engineering heritage, a place of diverse culture encouraging entrepreneurship, an area that global industries are choosing to call home – this excites those of us wanting to be part of that success story.

Danton HR: Outsourced HR specialists

T: 01527 306760



Group of 13 people outside throwing face masks in the air in celebration

Hogarths Stone Manor

Welcome to the heart of business!  Our community, our home. We celebrate the most supportive hearts and inspirational minds.  From locally grown to wellbeing guru’s, to timeless skills to technology and innovation – North Worcestershire has it all.

Hogarths Stone Manor: Hotel and restaurant

T: 01562 777555

Woman reclining on floor surrounded by various stationary products

Meraki Promotions

There is no finer place to start a business than in North Worcestershire. Doing this in 2021, times were certainly challenging, but when you are surrounded by past inspirations, present innovation and future optimism, everything is possible! North Worcestershire offers an unrivalled combination of resources and encouragement for all.

Meraki Promotions: Business merchandise specialist

T:  07854 926 434 


7 people in summer outfits sat on green grass style boxes


North Worcestershire is a great place to live, work and visit. We have great travel links, beautiful nature and culture on the doorstep. Our resilient business community is one to be proud of and its creativity and innovation is evident across our towns and rural areas.

NWedR: Driving economic growth and regeneration across North Worcestershire.

T: 0845 601 5953


Four people standing under balloons celebrating under the phase "Celebrating 15 years"

The Development Manager

North Worcestershire is an exciting and inspiring area for business because of the ‘people’. Despite Covid-19, the business people within North Worcestershire have found new ways of working together to keep the local economy going.  There is a shared camaraderie which we should all be proud to be a part of.

The Development Manager (TDM): IT, Tech & Digital Apprenticeship and Training Provider

T: 0333 10 100 40


5 people outside in hiking clothes posing by large rocks

Opening Doors & Venues Limited

Being located in stunning rural North Worcestershire is perfect for the wellbeing and mindfulness of our team. To be able to step away from the desk, take a brisk walk in the countryside or over the Clent Hills is an ideal way to re-set the mind and inspire any project.

Opening Doors & Venues Limited: Exceeding expectation in conference and event management

T: 01562 731788


Woman sat at a table


A community of likeminded businesses are at the core of North Worcestershire. Celebrating each other’s successes, learning from each other’s stories’ and partnering with each other to generate sustainable growth and long-term success across the wider county.

NWBL: A community of like-minded business leaders

T: 0845 139 0218


Santa sitting in a GTA branded sleigh with 5 people behind in cherry pickers wearing santa hats and high vis jackets

GT Access

In these uncertain times it is even more important to keep local businesses thriving, and our residents in employment. North Worcestershire has both in abundance, and with great connections to city infrastructure but with the open countryside on our doorstep.  Why would you want to locate your business anywhere else?

GT Access: Leading independent powered access hire company

T: 0330 333 4848 


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