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Former Market Hall Site

What is underway?

outdoor mini golf in middle of the street, with seating areas around it
Idea 1

What is it?

The BirdBox Scheme

Former Market Hall Site has been a long standing regeneration opportunity, with the first phase being a success, however the process of the second phase seeing some difficulties.

Therefore a ‘short term/meanwhile’ project, The BirdBox, will be put in place to promote space that will attract ideas, initiatives and activities that can nest, grow and migrate.

multiple people taking part in yoga outside in the park
Idea 2

What will it consist of?

The BirdBox Scheme

Work will be underway to create eye catching, freestanding foliage displays, pop up food and drink kiosks, attractive seating areas, artistic display stands and mini exhibitions.

This will encourage and attracts communities/businesses to come and establish and contribute to the wide cultural offer in Bromsgrove Town Centre by providing social spaces, food and beverage markets, creative workshops, hi-tech incubators and niche retail start-ups.

wooden mini pop up cocktail bar with few people around
Idea 3

When will it be completed?

The BirdBox Scheme

Completion is expected in Easter 2020, with £210,108 being allocated for the project.

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