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Just the boost Helen needed to scale-up her business!

Lady (Helen) sat at her desk

 The Company

Adder Bookkeeping- based in Pershore, provides secure ‘cloud’ bookkeeping and related services to SME’s in the Worcestershire area.

After a decade as a sole trader, Helen Bower made the transition from being a sole trader to become a fully-fledged bookkeeping business. Helen went limited in 2017 and now has a team of five people working with her.

The Challenge

After two years of rapid growth and expanding the team Helen needed to step back and reassess her goals and her strategy for taking the next step in her scale-up journey. 

The Solution

Helen, along with 9 other business owners, enrolled on Value Boost Camp with BizSmart.  The format of Boost Camp harnesses the power of collaborative thinking from other business owners along with examining four key essential requirements of successfully scaling up – Your Leadership Style, Maximising Value as you Scale, keeping laser Focus through Quarterly Thrusts and Developing the Business Rhythm to keep the lifeblood pumping in your business.

Boost Camp is a focused short term (4 month) collaborative business scale-up  Boost program that provides an opportunity to ‘reset’ ready for the next steps in scaling,  giving business owners confidence and focus to continue building a thriving company.  The programme helps to create certainty of direction and clarity of purpose, whilst facilitating access to a sounding board of business owners from different sectors and at different stages of their journey.

This is exactly what Helen was looking for and highlights of the programme in addition to the benefits of neutral parties giving her advice and feedback included the Introduction of structured meeting rhythms and the Smart Vision Quarterly Planning tool to help ensure everyone understands the key priorities for the next 90 days and are pulling in the same direction.  Helen found the programme both “thought-provoking and inspiring”.

Helen’s advice to other business leaders considering the programme? “Invest this time and money in stepping outside the day to day operations of your business and re-evaluating your business and personal goals.  You learn powerful tools to help you manage your goals and strategy in a practical way.  It’s not to be missed if you are serious about scaling up your business.”

The Future

Helen now has the clarity of direction and of what needs to be done for her to take the next steps in her scale-up journey.  She also has some key tools to help her to keep control of the business as the team take on increasing numbers of clients – giving both Helen and the business a real ‘boost’ towards getting where they want to be whilst enjoying the journey!



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