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Celebrating North Worcestershire calendar 2021 – August feature – Ocius Consulting

Image shows the stages of the "Journey" bespoke programme by Ocius Consulting

Ocius Consulting Limited is the August 2021 feature in our Celebrating North Worcestershire Calendar.

John Heseltine heads up Ocius Consulting, John said,

“We work with businesses to improve their capacity to change, adapt and thrive using a bespoke programme branded ‘Journey’. The Journey programme quickly provides businesses with a structured approach for any given change scenario impacting people. It was developed solely by Ocius.

“Our skills and experience in change management helps organisations to achieve their critical business objectives by implementing and managing ‘change’ correctly, efficiently and robustly.”

John says working in partnership with clients is crucial to achieving a successful outcome for all,

“We offer a flexible, responsive and transparent partnership focused on delivering quality, and a commitment to solving client problems however complex or challenging. Our programme helps to create advocates and champions within your business, people who become as committed to change as you are, making the process more efficient and ultimately successful. As part of our programme, outputs include (but not limited to) an implementation plan, key risks, reporting information and the readiness checks before implementation.”

Journey is aimed at helping anyone leading change, CEO’s, Transformation Directors, Programme Managers, Portfolio Managers, PMO, Project Leads, Junior, Middle and Senior, within businesses of any size, sector and implementing a range of projects.

John has been operating as a business consultant for 14 years following a 34-year career working at Lloyds Banking Group. He said,

“After successfully managing numerous major and/or multiple projects for large corporates, I realised that in many scenarios, the proposed solution was sound, and the project team were ready to make it happen. The solution is often not the factor that leads to unsuccessful projects – it’s the people elements. To achieve the desired results, an optimal solution is required, and the people need to accept and adopt that solution. This is what makes the ‘Journey’ approach successful.

“I am a huge advocate of putting people at the Heart of Change. It’s my vision to create a digital, cloud-based version of Journey and make it available on a subscription basis for organisations employing 10 or more.

“To that end, I am currently working with The University of Birmingham to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take Journey into the future.  Our intention is that the efficiency and benefits from using AI to process and share anonymous “best in practice” data and other real-time information, will enable more effective decision-making and infinitely improved processes. Journey will make change even more effective by using AI-determined business solutions.

"I think that North Worcestershire is a great place to do business. Having lived in Kidderminster for the last 30 years it made sense to stay in this great county with all that it offers. I connect with the business community via the NWBL, BizSmart, Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber, The Family Business Practice, Worcestershire LEP and BIPC to name but a few.

"Professionally I am a Fellow of the Institute of Management Services and an Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers both by examination and experience.

"The odds of relocating and working in a better environment with great people, other than North Worcestershire are slim. How many areas have the rolling landscapes, rivers, industrious towns and villages? All this sits alongside the amenities you need to deliver business goals, from business support, transport, accommodation, entertainment and the infrastructure with 5g hopefully arriving soon. It’s a dream!"

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