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Celebrating North Worcestershire calendar 2021 – September feature - Danton HR

Image shows two people in judge uniform with a quote in the middle from Danton HR
Danton HR

Danton HR Ltd is an HR Consultancy based in Bromsgrove led by Nicola Roke with Director, Jackie Brown, and a team of in-house expert advisers and associates working alongside. Danton HR helps business leaders attract, develop and retain the best people for their organisations.

Nicola Roke says

“We have a great team who have been with us over the years. We are all so passionate about helping businesses grow and giving them the support to succeed.  Businesses are people!  In terms of what motivates us, it’s actually the simple things such as receiving a glowing recommendation from a client that gives us a real buzz, being told that we made a difference to a line manager’s and/or employee’s experience of a really difficult situation and seeing managers grow in confidence and do an incredible job of leading their teams.  At the same time, watching our own business develop and grow in line with our vision is very rewarding.  We are all excited for the future!

"We have just launched a second business – The Business Learning Academy to help businesses gain the skills, knowledge and experience, through their people, to give them the competitive edge and achieve their goals. Employers are experiencing unprecedented challenges with attracting and retaining great people.

"This is a great area to locate as a business. We think it’s important to connect with other businesses and groups as well as your clients. We are members of NWBL, FSB, Worcester 1000, CIPD and CMI, BoB and BNI.

"There’s a wealth of support, knowledge, information and resources available to new and established businesses along with a thriving business community.  There’s enormous investment in the local area and really is no better place to do business!

"Through Danton HR, Danton Resourcing and The Business Learning Academy, we are thrilled to be able to offer local businesses everything needed through the full employment lifecycle to attract, develop and retain the very best."

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