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Worcester Street Redevelopment

Town Connectivity

The Future High Streets Fund (FHSF) is a Government funding initiative to transform struggling high streets. Kidderminster has been awarded £20.5 million from this fund. The announcement was made on 26 December 2020.

All projects funded by the Future High Streets Fund are to be fully delivered by March 2024. The three approved FHSF projects are all part of the ReWyre visioning – reflecting the need to improve connectivity in the town and redevelop key sites. The three major regeneration projects being enabled by the Future High Streets Fund in Kidderminster are the redevelopment of the Former Magistrates Court, the Bullring area – including the former Crown House site and Worcester Street connectivity improvements.

A key part of the Kidderminster regeneration is the acquisition of key buildings and demolition to provide new connections and public realm through the town  and to provide greater connectivity and accessibility around Bromsgrove Street, Worcester Street and Oxford Street.

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